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Friday, April 12th, 2024

June 2010 BBQ and Fireboat Cruise with the DCFD

June 2010

WW Added as Crew Members with DC FD

With fair winds at their back, Walter Reed’s Wounded Warriors bounded off their bus and joined in with the DC FD barbecue team and Fireboat John Glenn’s crew for another great day along the marina.





The DC FD barbecue team cooked up some great Nathan’s Dogs, Burghers and Perdue Farms chicken. Perhaps the award for outstanding cuisine went to those that prepared of the day’s event, both chef’s and food servers.
Some 44 wounded warriors and family members took part in the annual event. 





The John Glenn, the largest fireboat in the tri-state area, cruised down to Reagan National Airport among other cruise ships and a square rigger.  With half the wounded warriors on one of two trips, the service members had a chance to “blast away” with the heavy duty water cannons.



Meeting together

The wounded warriors exchanged challenge coins with the Firefighters. A thirty inch wooden helmsman’s steering wheel was to have been given in thanks for the event hosting, however, was delayed by the shipping company. The DC FD had not trouble with their exchange gift, much coveted DC FD fire Department work shirts.

An Enduring Pride spokesman noted, “What the DC Firefighters do for the wounded is to bring them beyond the surgical tools in the process of “total healing” and mental adjustment to the greater community”. He added, “The firefighters and wounded alike enjoy the event and the day. It’s what the total healing process is all about”.  






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