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Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Welcome to Project Enduring Pride

PEP supported the Pearl Harbor
celebration in Baltimore, MD
December 2013

Project Enduring Pride is a community outreach program that works with and assists the severely wounded warriors returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and now recuperating at Military Medical Centers and Veterans Administrations Hospitals in the Washington, Richmond or Baltimore areas.

Team Warriors at NRA indoor range with instructors
September 2013
This guy kept looking at us,
we hear he was a good shot.
One of the best shots of the day, go for it girl! Enduring Pride

1LT Jason Pak of Fairfax, Virginia out with PEP
“Being recognized by one’s peers is a very high accolade, Project Enduring Pride (PEP) so honored this past January when it was heralded as the Washingtonian of the Year. The honor by Washingtonian Magazine, is restructured to 10 who make life better for the greater Washington, D.C. community, and so PEP has been noted as a “Difference Maker”. I say, true it was PEP who made a difference, and truly, PEP is nothing more than its volunteer staff and clients, the wounded warriors. As we “Pay it forward “ for this year, I stop and say to you, 'Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission and please, keep up prodding us to do more for the wounded'”.

--Ken Strafer, Executive Director


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