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Friday, July 19th, 2024

Welcome to Project Enduring Pride

1LT Jason Pak of Fairfax, VA with PEP Friends
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Project Enduring Pride (PEP) is a community based outreach program that works with and assists the severely wounded/disabled warriors returning from combat tours abroad and now being treated and recuperating at Military Medical Centers and Veterans Administrations Hospitals in the Washington, Richmond or Baltimore areas.

Project Enduring Pride (PEP) volunteers witnessed the winding down from the Nation’s long war-footing in Afghanistan and the wounded warrior population begins to drop down to a near peacetime range remaining linked to accidents, illnesses, training incidents and yes, some combat, we see the opportunity to go beyond the mere helping warriors survive to one of creating a new and become a member of a reorganized support community. We look back on our mission statement of being a "community outreach program that works with and assists the severely wounded warriors returning from combat."  More so today we have energized an “Alumni Program” of wounded and disabled warriors to maintain contact with many whom have passed through the military medical system and now out of service living in the mid-Atlantic area. While looking to improve its program support PEP teamed with NY Fire Department’s Family Support, with the Air Force Association Activities in its effort to help warriors in its area of responsibility.

In 2016, PEP was also honored with two more unsolicited awards for performance in our support for the wounded warrior and disabled veterans. All recognition is important especially that which comes from the military services. This year the Air Force cited PEP volunteers for digging in and picking up the slack to bridge the gap from “Washington do more” to sweat equity involvement, PEP was there for the Air Force Wounded/Disabled Warrior program.

How does all this impact PEP? Actually, the events of recent years reminded all our volunteers that our mission is not a point in time rather a capability afforded to those in need. Hence, in 2015-16 PEP began to expand its services to the “Gold Star Families”. PEP found the Gold Star families were in need of a link to the continuing service life of many in the military, therefore PEP extended a helping hand to those who asked for assistance and from them, and we gained deep and meaningful thanks. For our revised mission, like a wise man once said, “We have just begun...”

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Gettysburg WW Concert

Derby Fest 2015
“Being recognized by one’s peers is a very high accolade, Project Enduring Pride (PEP) so honored recently when it was heralded as the U.S. Air Force Association who make life better for the greater Washington, D.C.Wounded/Disabled community, and so PEP has been noted as a 'Difference Maker'. I say, true it was PEP who made a difference, and truly, PEP is nothing more than its volunteer staff and clients, the wounded warriors. As we 'Pay it forward' for this year, I stop and say to you, thank you for helping us accomplish our mission and please, keep up prodding us to do more for the wounded."

--Ken Strafer, Executive Director


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